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BTL Exilis Ultra™

BTL Exilis Ultra™

Gone are the days when skin tightening meant going under the knife. Cahaba Dermatology uses BTL Aesthetic’s Exilis Ultra 360™ system to tighten skin and fine tune body contours. The BTL Exilis Ultra™ is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment utilized to tighten the skin for a youthful look. The BTL Exilis Ultra™ combines ultrasound and radiofrequency energies to help combat signs of skin laxity. Skin tightening with the BTL Exilis Ultra™ is much more comfortable and effective than treatment with ultrasound or radiofrequency energy alone.

How Does BTL Exilis System Tighten Skin?

The BTL Exilis Ultra™ delivers ultrasound and radiofrequency energies through a handpiece to the skin of the targeted area. These energies will travel beyond the surface of the skin to the deeper layers, where they will be absorbed into the body as heat. As the skin warms up, collagen production will be stimulated gradually working to tighten skin.

What Part of the Body can Exilis System Treat?

Since the Exilis Elite 360 hand piece resembles an oversized marker pen, it can direct RF and ultrasound energy virtually anywhere. Common treatment areas for the Exilis system include:

  • Around the eyes
  • Above, below, and at the corners of the mouth
  • The chin and jawline
  • Along the neck
  • The décolleté area
  • Arms
  • Abdomen and love handles
  • Buttocks
  • The female pubic region
  • Legs, knees, and ankles

What can I Expect from an Exilis Treatment?

The Exilis Ultra 360 system includes an energy flow control, so each treatment can be adjusted to the patient and their treatment needs. Varying skin tones often require adjustment of the device for the best results. Since the RF and ultrasound energy creates heat as the deep tissue absorbs, the hand piece also includes a cooling system to minimize any effect on surface skin.

Is the Procedure Painful?

There’s little to no discomfort with an Exilis treatment. The patient relaxes during treatment, lying down, and the sensation compares with that of a hot stone massage. Treatments are non-invasive and there are few, if any, side effects.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

Each treated body part takes between 15 to 30 minutes in most cases, and 2 to 4 treatments, scheduled a week apart, are usually advised. Results appear after multiple sessions, and generally reach maximum results within a 3-month period following treatment.

Who is the ideal candidate for BTL Exilis Ultra™?

BTL Exilis Ultra™ is ideal for anyone seeking to improve the texture and laxity of their skin. Schedule a consultation to see if this is the ideal treatment for you.

How long is the treatment? How many sessions do I need?

Most patients undergo between 4-8 treatments scheduled 7 to 10 days apart. Each treatment of a specific body part usually takes between 15 to 30 minutes.

What does the procedure feel like? Is it painful?

Most patients describe the sensation of the therapy being comparable to that of a pain-free, hot stone massage. The treatment is performed in a lying-down position so you can easily relax during the procedure.

How fast will I see results?

The time until results become visible is dependent upon the body area treated. The results will typically continue over the next few months.