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Why Choose Our Birmingham Massage?

It’s amazing what a great massage can do. Massage therapy at Spa Cahaba in Birmingham, AL can reduce stress, relieve tension, and ease pain. Our professional massage therapist can make an incredible difference in how you feel and move about your day. If you need tension relief, a specialty massage for sports injuries, or a natural way to ease anxiety, book your massage appointment at Spa Cahaba.

Massage Therapy - Enhancements We Offer:


Incorporate an additional 10 minutes of pampering with a pure paraffin treatment on the hands. Snuggle in warm heated mittens while the rest of your body is massaged.

Foot Scrub

Add an additional 10 minutes to your massage with an invigorating foot scrub, warm towel wrap and massage with warm oil.

Scalp Massage

An additional 10 minutes will be added to the end of your massage with a stimulating and relaxing scalp massage.

Hot Stones

Smooth basalt stones are heated and incorporated into massage to help relax and ease tense muscles.

Reap the Benefits of Massage Therapy Today

Massage therapy is proven to improve circulation, reduce pain, eliminate toxins, improve sleep, enhance immunity, help with fatigue, and deliver a number of other important benefits. Our professional massages in Birmingham can improve your overall wellness—mind, body, and spirit.